Shredded Tea Probiotic Detox-14 Day Natural Weight Loss, Survives 10X Better Than Yogurt Cultures, Fortify a Healthy Digestive System, Reduce Belly Fat & Bloating, Energizing Blend For Renewed Health

Are You Ready To Start Using Probiotics To Achieve Your Fitness And Weight Loss Goals Much Faster?

Losing weight and keeping it off is more than just eating the right foods and a hard workout at the gym; you need to cleanse your body from the inside out by ridding yourself of unhealthy toxins and improving your digestive system ultimately allowing your body to optimize absorption of vitamins and vital nutrients. The primary purpose of our daily probiotic tea is to help achieve optimal bodily function for a healthy elimination of toxins while adding essential flora to your digestive tract helping your body run the way it was designed to. Shredded Tea All-Natural Probiotic Energy Tea is perfect for those looking to feel less bloated and more energized, it can help boost your metabolism while simultaneously fortifying your immune and digestive system by adding up to 1 Billion CFU probiotics per tea bag.

Unlock Your Natural Potential With Thermogenic Power

Enjoy healthy weight loss without resulting to diet pills or fad diets. Our energy tea helps improve your thermogenic fat-burning ability. By pushing out toxins you allow your body to better absorb vital nutrients often resulting in purging of excess water to reduce bloating all to aid you in reducing stubborn belly fat.

Stamina & Endurance To Start Fast, & Finish Strong

Whether you’re heading out to work for the day or taking that next 5K head on, Shredded Tea All-Natural Probiotic Energy Tea can help improve your internal health so you can feel great in whatever you do!

Product Details:

  • Natural, Healthy Ingredients
  • Deliciously Bold Taste
  • Safe, Non-Jittery Formula
  • Non GMO
  • Gluten Free
  • Made in the USA

Click ‘Add to Cart’ above to get Shredded Tea and enjoy a healthier, cleaner digestive system, improved weight loss and a stronger metabolism.

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