Personal Trainer Food Weight Loss Meal Program

Personal Trainer Food offers an alternative to diet plans — just eat better food. Change the way you eat, and you can lose weight naturally.

Personal Trainer Food includes fresh vegetables and savory meats without the added, processed fillers like rice and noodles. Each item is individually packaged in FDA approved, microwavable, BPA free bags. It is precooked and flash frozen. The convenient “heat & eat” packages are easy to prepare. Each meal program comes with complimentary weight loss counseling. Most people lose 2-4 pounds/week, but this can also be accelerated if you would like. All this can be accomplished without any back breaking work outs, just walk 10-20 minutes per day. This package includes a pre-selected combination our most popular meats and vegetables, 56 of each which covers 28 lunches and 28 dinners.

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