Herbal Detox Cleanse Pills: RECOVERY-CLEAN

RECOVERY CLEAN: Total Detox & Recovery Support

Whether you are looking to give your body a fresh start or are in some sort of recovery process, this natural herbal blend provides your body with the power to fight back.

These natural drug detox pills are packed with the best herbs to help flush and detoxify your body, boost the immune system, and restore natural energy. Bentonite Clay contains over 70 trace minerals and pulls out toxins with a unique negative electrical charge, which is special to the class of healing clays, while Red Clover and Beet Root support healthy detoxification. Milk Thistle Seed Extract and Yellow Dock Root detoxify the liver and blood, Burdock Root alkalizes the body, and Goldenseal Root helps boost your immune system.

Natural Herbal Detox Cleanse | Contains No Chemicals/Laxatives (unlike most drug detox products)

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